Home Affairs

1.    Preparing Federal Budget Proposals.
2.    Preparing Trade Policy Proposals
3.    Improving linkage with Academicia.
4.    Providing feedback to members regarding their business queries.

International Affairs

1.    Organizing trade delegations
2.    Participation in International Trade Exhibitions
3.    B2B meetings with foreign delegations
4.    Signing of MoUs with important National and International CCIs and trade bodies.
5.    Arranging Seminars, Workshops, Conferences etc.
6.    Assistance to Business Dispute Resolution Committee.

Research Report (working as knowledge centre)

1.    Preparing research reports and Research Projects.
2.    Dissemination of Regional & National Economic Outlook.
3.    Corporate Training Programs.
4.    Preparing speech / discussion points for President.
5.    Chamber Library