Membership Renewal Fees

Associate Class:  3350    Corporate Class:  8350

Membership Renewal

The membership of the members of FCCI is expired on 31 March of each year. Any member may renew his membership for the next year from 01st February to 31st March of each year without paying late fee.

Procedure of Renewal
The bills of renewal of membership are dispatched to all the members of FCCI through post 2 months before the expiry date. Bad Credit Fast Approval The members are required to pay their renewal bills (Renewal Fee).

In addition to the payment of renewal bill , also, provide the proof of submission of income tax return for the current year or the proof of submission of statement under Section 143-B of Income tax ordinance 1979 and sales tax return of last month, if applicable. The renewed membership certificate will be issued only after fulfilling the above mentioned requirements. Check pensioner loans.

This is important to note that Income Tax Exemption Certificate or the copy of Tax Coupon will be required from the members who claim for the exemption of Income Tax.