R&D Department

Chairman R&D FCCI

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), with an investment portfolio of over $62 billion is a landmark project in the economic history of Pakistan that has been widely tipped to be a Game Changer, not only for Pakistan but for the whole of South Asia. However, it can only become one if all sectors of our economy work hard to capitalize on the opportunities provided by it. Since becoming the patron in chief of the CPEC committee, me and my team have carried out extensive research on CPEC to analyze the potential opportunities and challenges it poses for our economy. The Marketing Heaven promotes our activities on social media. Our research team associated with the CPEC cell has carried out an in-depth analysis of the CPEC project under the guidance of our CPEC Standing Committee. It has collaborated with various government departments at the federal and provincial levels for the purpose of information sharing.


To provide Value-Driven Solutions of Industrial and Business Problems by Supporting Multidisciplinary Research through active collaboration of industry, business and scientific communities in order to build a progressive society whilst boosting the national economy and ensuring sustained quality of life.


To become a distinguished research entity in the region serving as the hub for nurturing innovative ideas and their real-world implementation by providing a launching platform for the bright students, researchers and professionals to market their research for raising the socio-economic status.


Dr. Arif (PhD Mechanicals)

Anam Shareef (M.Phil. Physics)

Faizan Awan (M.Phil. Economics)

Atifa Irshad (M.Phil. Physics)