NOVEMBER 17,2023

FAISALABAD. Pakistan is included in top ten countries with respect to the prevalence of almost all diseases due to the adulterated, substandard and impure food items and in this connection, we must use pure food and switch over to simple living, said Dr Sajjad Arshad Senior Vice President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI). Addressing an awareness session on “Safe Food City” project launched by Punjab Food Authority (PFA), he said that health is the preferred basic and fundamental need of every human being on the face of earth. He lamented that 40% children below the age of 5-year are victim of stunted growth due to the adulterated food. “This ratio is above 58% in the urban areas”, he said and added that neonatal deaths are 12% while the ratio of hexagenerians is only 5% only due to the consumption of impure food. He appreciated the role of PFA and said that their message must be conveyed to each and every person as most of us are consuming adulterated food unknowingly. He said that sweets and toffees are common favourite of children, but most of the available stuff is tinted with chemical colours which are carcinogenic in nature. He said that PFA should focus on creating awareness among masses instead of conducting raids which are counterproductive and creating harassment in the business community. He said that some innocent businessmen may be erroneously entrapped in the trading of adulterated food items and they must be given sufficient time to drag them out of this menace. Muhammad Qasim Raza Deputy Director Operations PFA said that the ultimate objective of this organization is to eliminate the business of adulteration which is playing havoc with lives of our coming generations. He said that the society must come forward and play its positive role in the elimination of adulteration. He said that the business of adulterated spices is rife in Faisalabad and we must check it with an iron hand. He further said that 90% people are fair in their businesses and we ignore their 10% minor irregularities but we could not spare the habitual adulterators playing with the lives of innocent people. He said that he has just destroyed 20,000 litre substandard milk. He said that he would share his working plan regarding Safe Food City with the FCCI within seven days. He hoped that the chamber would respond positively and give his input and feedback within seven days. He said that we must join hands against the adulteration mafia to save our generation from the ill impacts of the impure food and in this connection the suggestions of FCCI would be given due weightage and preference. Dr Syeda Ayesha Batool Master Trainer PFA presented a documentary while Vice President Haji Muhammad Aslam Bhalli offered vote of thanks. Later Senior Vice President Dr Sajjad Arshad presented FCCI shield to Muhammad Qasim Raza Deputy Director Operations PFA. Ayub Aslam Manj, Rana Ikramullah, Mian Asif Aslam and other executive members were also present during this session.