FOR THE YEARS 2019 ~ 2021


• To liaise with, persuade and create maximum harmony with local, provincial and federal Government agencies to ensure most conducive and business friendly environments.

• Arrange / organize meetings at FCCI platform to bridge the gap between the public and private sector and create an effective bridging linkage between the public and private sectors.

• To monitor and disseminate progressive change taking place at global level so that all opportunities can be exploited favourably to promote trade and industry.

• To liaise, coordinate and advise skill development centers, technical institutions and on the-job training set ups for availability of appropriately trained youth to benefit the industries.

• To keep strong liaison with Foreign Missions and to invite and hold meetings with Ambassadors; High Commissioners and other foreign mission representatives; for the promotion of bilateral trade activities, and to keep
special liaison with Economic Section of Chinese Embassy in respect of CPEC. To establish CPEC section at FCCI within limited productive resources and to organize Seminars and informative sessions regarding CPEC.

• To organize FCCI Trade Delegations to abroad, in this regard Help I Information Desk to be established at FCCI

• To encourage and help small traders and manufacturers to increase their output through information technology and protect their interests and to follow an open door policy.

• Gearing up activities of R&D Department and I.T. Department at FCCI with shared resources of FPCCI, ICCI, LCCI, other chambers and associations. In this regard FCCI Website to be updated on weekly basis.

• Development of women entrepreneurship.

• Facilitate Improvement of infrastructure facilities particularly in industrial areas.

• Organizing industrial exhibition “Expo Faisalabad” of international standards to introduce Faisalabad with more and more international businessmen.

• To negotiate with Government at various levels for appropriate representation of the FCCI in high level trade delegations and organization/conduct of group tours of businessmen to various countries and to participate in International Fair & Exhibitions in order to promote the products of Pakistan.

• Proper representation of the Chamber in various chambers, councils, commissions, BODs of Govt. & Semi-Govt. Deptts., committees and other synonymous to those of the Chamber.

• To take appropriate action on various recommendations of Standing Committees from time to time.

• To formulate detailed proposals for trade policy and forthcoming federal budget for onward submission to the Government and organize Pre-Budget & Post-Budget seminars in this regard, and to play its role in Economic Policy

• To organize Energy Conference

• To organize All Pakistan Chambers’ Presidents Conference

• To establish Video Conferencing Room