FAISALABAD. Government College Women University Faisalabad (GCWUF)

NOVEMBER 30,2023

FAISALABAD. Government College Women University Faisalabad (GCWUF) will organize an education cum job fair to showcase the innovative inventions and technologies developed by the young talented students of this institution. Leading industrial corporate entities would also establish their stalls to select the human resource for their organizations, said Vice ChancellorProf. Dr. Zill-i-Huma Nazli. She visited Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) and discussed divergent education related issues with the office bearers including President, Senior Vice President and Vice President. She said that GCWUF is the largest female university of Pakistan with enrolment of more than 13,000 students. “It has rich chemistry, IT and pharmaceutical faculty”, she said and added that it was conducting research based projects on the related subjects. She claimed that university scholars have invented different products including a rare medicine for the treatment of cancer. “Some products have already been commercialized”, she said and added that a long chain of innovative products and technologies are still to be commercialised and, in this connection, she needs the guidance and support of the FCCI. She said that these products could also be showcased in the premises of the FCCI while a list of the inventions could be provided in the soft form for circulation among the FCCI members. She said that industry- academia linkages are imperative for the survival of both segments and we must move forward with the collaboration of each other. She said that the university is ready to help the industrial sector for the resolution of their issues by entrusting tasks to the concerned faculty and university scholars. Vice Chancellor said that Interloop is offering need based scholarships to the hard-pressed students while other organizations could also follow its footprints.
President FCCI Dr Khurram Tariq stressed the need to strengthen public sector universities financially with bi-pronged strategy to help the talented students with meagre financial resources and selling their inventions to the interested industries for their future needs. He also pointed out that the corporate sector could donate toward an endowment fund as seed money and from its income scholarships could be offered to the deserving students on a permanent basis. He said that the world needs human resources with creative ideas and job fairs could provide this opportunity to the industrialists to interact and pick qualified youth for their future needs during the upcoming event of the job fair. He stressed the need to upgrade the syllabus by giving it a human touch and personality grooming so that our students could compete at the global level. He said that students should also be encouraged to involve themselves in critical writing. He expressed concern that 80% educated youth are unemployed as they lack confidence. Senior Vice President Dr Sajjad Arshad suggested that inter university competitions could be arranged between Faisalabad based public sector universities to harness their qualities of head and heart. He also expressed his desire to promote research in the poultry and dairy sector and said that Interloop was already undertaking a mega project of cheese manufacturing. Vice President Haji Muhammad Aslam Bhalli and Muhammad Azhar Chaudhary also gave their input during this meeting.