English Press Release (I) 05.07.2021

FAISALABAD. All sub-sectors of textile group must give innovative, dynamic, progressive and market driven proposals to upgrade the syllabus of the courses offered by Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), said Engineer Hafiz Ihtasham Javed President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

He was addressing the 4th meeting of the Sector Skill Council (SSC) in FCCI. The house completed the formal agenda and discussed measures to fully exploit the potential of the SCC with the active involvement of the real stakeholders.

President FCCI expressed concern over the absence of the representatives of different sub-sectors which is causing unnecessary delay in deciding a comprehensive plan for the provision of skilled manpower for this sector. He said that there is a clause that the membership of a member will be automatically cancelled if he remains absent in three consecutive meetings. However, Engineer Hafiz Ihtasham Javed said that a special invitation may be extended to them to ensure their participation in the next meeting. He was particularly annoyed at the absence of chairman TEVTA district board and said that a letter may also be written to him so that his presence could make SSC more productive and result oriented.

President FCCI said that chairman Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association (PHMA) was very anxious to take over the Madina town TEVTA centre but he is also absent in this important meeting.

Engineer Hafiz Ihtasham Javed said that only the processing sub-sector has given proposals and suggestions to improve the courses launched by TEVTA. President FCCI critically analyzed these proposals with reference to the contents of curriculum, its duration and other related aspects. He said that the outline of these courses may be finalized and presented in the next meeting. He also stressed the need to concentrate on practical instead of focusing on theory. “The practical training must be imparted in concerned industrial units”, he said and added that it will help students to ensure their employability in the similar industrial units.

Engineer Rizwan Ashraf directed that the recommendations to upgrade current courses, close old and redundant ones and start new courses may be circulated among all members of the SSC. He said that textile is a major sector which is consistent with a number of sub-sectors. Each sub-sector has its own importance and hence must be represented in the textile chain according to its proportion. He said that each sub-sector must hold its own separate meetings to thrash out its problems along with its viable solutions. He lamented that the behavior of most of the members is casual and they take least interest in this important mission. He said the members who could not spare time must voluntarily resign paving the way for the others who have time and are willing to work for their respective sub-sector. He thanked President FCCI for taking keen interest to make SSC more active and dynamic with his active and regular participation.

Engineer Rizwan Ashraf also appreciated the training centre established by Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar and said that courses offered in this centre could also be replicated in TEVTA centre.

Madam Qurrat-ul-Ain demanded that President FWCCI (Faisalabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry) may be included in this council to ensure the representatives of female entrepreneurs and seek her input to further improve the quality of courses offered by TEVTA. She opined that Australian and German models are best for technical training in Pakistan. She also suggested that personality courses should also be made an integral part of all courses so that the students could improve their personality and explicitly express their mind verbally and through written communication.

Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar said that he has established a training centre just half Kilometer away from his factory where courses of stitching, kitting, checker and supervisors have been started. He has also shifted 27 machines from his factory to this training centre to impart on-hand training to the young workers. He gave his consent to involve TEVTA in this centre.

The meeting was also attended by TEVTA officers and other members in addition to Mr. Muzmil Sultan.

Later Madam Ayesha Aslam gave a presentation about the recommendations prepared and forwarded by the processing sector.

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