English Press Release 27.10.2022

Environment degradation is one of the major issues of Faisalabad district. Carbon emission has badly affected the quality of life in addition to having a negative impact on plant and animal life. 

Realizing its social corporate responsibility, the business community from the platform of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) has chalked out a compressive plan to plant one million saplings from its own resources.  

(Agriculture University may be requested to identify the plants which could absorb and fix maximum carbon so that these could be planted along roads for immediate reduction of carbon emitted by the diesel consuming vehicles). 

Plants may also be tagged with numbers to discourage illegal removal and cutting of the trees.  

Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) may be requested to ensure 100 % availability of potable water.  

The underground water reservoirs may also be recharged through sinking holes in the perennial canals.  

At least two new drains may be constructed with water treatment plants to make them environment friendly.  

For mass transit facility (public transport facility), Orange Line model may be replicated in Faisalabad to reduce traffic load on the existing roads.  

Parking plazas may be constructed around the downtown area in addition to the new emerging commercial centers. 

Missing facilities in public schools may be ensured by the end of next year.  

It includes furniture so that the culture of ‘mats’ may be eliminated which hurts the ego of the younger generation.  

Vocational schools and institutes may be upgraded with new and hi-tech courses.  

Smart city or a police vision project may be expedited to contain increasing crimes in this district.  

The Ring Road project may be undertaken and all bus stands, truck stands, yarn market, Karyana market and grain market may be shifted along its alignment from the congested city areas.  

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