English Press Release 25.10.2021

FAISALABAD.  Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will organize awareness sessions in universities and colleges to educate students to avoid indulging in cyber crimes unintentionally.  Similarly, liaison with the business community would be further enhanced to inform them about new conditionalities of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) which may prompt criminal proceedings, said Syed Farid Ali Shah Regional Director FIA. He visited Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) and had a detailed meeting with Mr. Atif Munir Sheikh, President FCCI. Vice President Rana Fayyaz Ahmad and other members were also present during this meeting.

He said that Director General FIA Dr. Sanaullah Abassi has issued clear directives to educate concerned stakeholders before initiating any action against them. He said that the Director General intends to visit FCCI so that confidence and cooperation between the business community and FIA could be further promoted.

Syed Farid Ali Shah said that criminals have changed their modus operandi and they are also now using digital tools to carry out their nefarious designs. He said that telephone and mobile phones are being used for money laundering and in cases of abduction for ransom. He said that some cases have multiple dimensions and FIA conduct inquiry into the clauses falling under its domain while the other crimes are referred to the departments including Police and FBR etc. He said that an increase in banking crimes have also witnessed phenomenal increase due to the digitalization and hence the business community must remain alert to avoid unintentional involvement in cyber crime. “It is also imperative for them to avoid financial losses”, he added. Continuing, he said that generally in bank related crimes, basic information is passed on to the criminals by the bank employees or by the concerned person himself erroneously.

Regional Director FIA said that on the receipt of a complaint an initial investigation is being conducted to verify the contents and after full satisfaction of the investigation officer, the FIR is registered.

He also explained in detail the various aspects of the violation of copyright act and said that receiving an objectionable mail is not a crime but by forwarding it, the receiver also commits the same crime. He advised the people that they should not click on unknown links received through whatsapp as it will transfer his entire data which could be abused by the criminals. He said that FIA is strictly implementing a zero tolerance policy and minimum punishment for FIA employees is posting out to other provinces.

Earlier Mr. Atif Munir Sheikh President FCCI explained the reservation of the business community and said that the intensity of crime should be judged in accordance with intentional or unintentional acts. He said that cyber crimes are increasing day by day and regular awareness sessions should be arranged to educate the concerned stakeholders. 

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