English Press Release 12.01.2021

FAISALABAD. Safe City Project (SCP) or digital Surveillance 7/24 should be implemented in fragments in different city areas with the active cooperation of private sector in initial phase which could be later on linked with the main control room of the City Police Officer, said Muzammal Sultan Vice Chairman Faisalabad Dry Port Trust and former president Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

In a meeting held here today, he said that Faisalabad had earlier experienced the idea of controlling street crimes by installing high definition cameras in the downtown area. In order to generate funds and control these activities a Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) was constituted. It was  an independent body free from the restrictions of government departments to undergo a long procedure of getting administrative as well as financial approval even for the replacement of bulbs of electric signals.

He said that currently, crimes and road accidents are rife on canal road which has become a main communication artery of the city. He offered that FCCI is ready to install cameras along the 22 kilometer long canal road (On both sides) from Abdullah Pur to Gattwala. The control room of these cameras could be established in FCCI-Police Khidmat Markaz already working in the basement of FCCI.

Recalling the defunct CPLC, he said that it has a track record of helping the police in implementing public safety projects with the financial assistance of the private sector. He said that the same model could be adopted to bring the police and private sector on the same page in the best public interest. He said that similar projects could also be launched in other congested commercial centers with the help of local business communities and Philanthropists. “In later phase, all these projects could be linked with the main control room of the CPO”, he opined.

Mr. Muzammal Sultan hoped that it would play a major role in controlling street crimes in addition to developing a close relationship with the police and business community.        

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