New Membership

  1. For New Membership  -> Download New Membership form
  2. For Re-Admission——->        Download Re-Admission form

Guidelines for New Member Ship:

Proprietorship firm:

  1. Copy of national tax certificate in favour of firm. (Photo copy).
    2.     Copy of CNIC of proprietor.
    3.     Bank certificate
    4.     In case of old National tax certificate latest tax return (Original and copy both) of the

current year shall be provided.
5.     Sales tax registration along with annual tax return (only for corporate class)

For/ Partnership and AOP firm:

1.     National Tax certificate of the firm. (Photo copy)
2.     Copy of Partnership deed executed on stamp paper worth rupees 500/- and attested

by Notre Public (Photo copy).
3.     Registration certificate “C”  issued by the registrar of firm (photo copy)
4.     Photo copies of the C.N.I.C of partners of the firm
5.     Bank certificate
6.     In case of AOP firm NTN in favour of firm and NTN in favour of parties (photo copy

of each) to be provided.
7.     Power of Attorney on company/firm’s letter head for obtaining membership.
8.     Income tax return of the current year of the company/firm in case of having old NTN

certificate (original andphotocopy both).
9.     Sales tax registration along with annual detail of return (For corporate class)

Limited / Private Limited

1.     NTN certificate in favor of company in case, NTN certificate is older than one year then

income tax return of the proceeding year is necessary along with NTN certificate.
2.     Memorandum and articles of association duly attested by registrar of company / SECP.
3.     Form 29, in case of change in directors according to memorandum and articles of

4.     List of director along with their signatures on the companies letter head pads duly

attested by CEO, copy of CNIC of all directors to be submitted.
5.     Certificate of in corporation.
6.      Bank certificate for operating accounts.
7.     Sales tax registration along with annual detail of return

(For corporate class) One passport size picture

  1. Sole proprietor picture to be provided in case of proprietorship.
    2.     If firm is partnership then submit picture of managing partner / representative.
    3.     If firm is limited then submit picture of managing director / chief executive or



1.     Original documents to be presented for verification
2.     Firm’s address to be written in membership form as confirmed in NTN certificate, if it is

other wise the membership will not be awarded.
3.     Paste the picture on membership form and apply single stamp on both (form + picture).
4.     A correction stamp to be affixed along with firm’s representative signature in case of over

5.     The membership application to be proposed and seconded by the two regular members

from the same class along with the firm’s detail.
6.     Latest form 29 to be submitted duly attested by registrar companies / SECP in case of

change in directors.
7.     Latest income tax return in favour of firm in case of old NTN form.

Any proprietor, partner or director is not authorized to witness /proposed or second his own firm or company. The seize membership is not authorized to apply in the same name for new membership as it will invalidate the membership process; in case of violation membership may be canceled.