Important Business News 13th January, 2020


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Domestic urea demand

Subsidized RLNG can be solution?
Fertilizer Review Committee (FRC) is scheduled to meet on Monday (today) to consider the possibility of operating two fertilizer plants on subsidized RLNG to meet domestic urea demand, well-informed sources told Business Recorder.

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Over Rs600bn revenue shortfall projected
Revenue shortfall is projected at over Rs 600 billion from the current fiscal year’s target of Rs 5.5 trillion unless Rs 300- Rs 400 billion additional tax measures and/or exemption withdrawals are taken, senior officials of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) told Business Recorder.

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CPPA-G unlikely to pay mark-up on loan

The Central Power Purchasing Agency –Guaranteed (CPPA-G) is unlikely to pay the mark-up on loan amounting to Rs 17.5 billion to be arranged by Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) from Allied Bank of Pakistan (ABL) for debt liability of Habib Bank Limited (HBL) already paid from the credit facility made available by the Finance Ministry, sources close to Minister for Water Resources told Business Recorder.

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4. Efficiency standards for lighting products to be enforced from 15th

The government has decided to introduce efficiency standards for all lighting products and equipment on Jan 15 as part of an aggressive energy conservation plan for all sectors of economy to reduce energy costs to consumers and be competitive in the market.

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5. Punjab squandering another chance

PUNJAB`S latest published data on provincial fiscal operations during the first five months of the current fiscal year offers a quick peep into its financial troubles in a rapidly slowing economy.

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6. Why Pakistan runs low on productivity

AN improvement in productivity is at the heart of development. The future of countries where productivity levels are falling is certainly compromised.

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7. Time for a fresh energy model

NO winter in the recent past has passed without controversies and allegations of injustices over a gas shortage with varied degree of public outcry.

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8. Inflation is merciless

PAKISTANIS are braving double-digit inflation.

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9. Soya bean a miracle crop for national food security

PAKISTAN produces huge quantities of major staple and non-staple food crops, including wheat, rice, maize, sugar cane and cotton.

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10. Transforming Punjab`s agriculture through agro-ecological zoning

AGRO-ECOLOGICAL zones have been identified in Punjab to formulate policies and strategies for a sustainable and diversified use of natural resources and investments to harness production potential.

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11. Aligning housing finance with public demand

APPROPRIATE shelter is a basic need. Unfortunately, Pakistan is facing a severe housing crisis with a backlog of 10 million units. The situation is getting worse owing to a rising population and rapid urbanisation.

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12. Banks should lend more money to SMEs

THE small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector is considered the backbone of an economy, as it plays a pivotal role in accelerating economic growth, creating jobs and taming inflation.

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French wheat exports hit seven-year high in December

Soft wheat exports from French ports reached a seven-year high in December during the on-going transportation strikes that saw loadings at several ports around the country halted intermittently for several days, Refinitiv data showed Thursday.


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14. Currency exchange rates














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