English Press Releases 12.01.2018

FAISALABAD. Out of box education solutions have yielded positive result and philanthropists must generously support System Foundation (SF) and Iqra-Roza-tul-Itfal Trust (IRIT) for expansion of their specific and tailor-made systems which are in consonance with our contemporary as well as religious needs, said Mian Muhammad Idrees Former President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI). He was addressing a function in Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) here today, to donate two Suzuki vans, one each to these organizations. These vans will help resolve the movement problems of the management and particularly the female teachers of these institutions.

Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla President FCCI, Senior Vice President Sheikh Farooq Yusuf and Vice President Usman Rauf were also present during this event.

Mian Muhammad Idrees said that initially he was planning to hold a quite function to hand over the vans but later he decided to organize it in FCCI as it will inspire many other philanthropists to take part in this noble cause of promoting education. Appreciating the educational system introduced by SF, he said that a sizeable number of students could not get education in time and Professor Masood of SF has developed a unique program to enable youth of above 15 years to complete Metric in just two years. He said that no doubt it is a miracle for illiterate youth while to appear in matriculation examination after education of only two years. It will help these complete their education up to the level of matriculation and take part in productive activities along with the regular students.

Similarly IRIT is also a distinctive program to impart traditional education up to Matriculation along with completing “Hifz-E-Quran”. He said that he has privilege to convince the management of IRIT to establish its first branch in Faisalabad on his request. Continuing, he said that the education is one of the most important tools to put the country on the road to progress and prosperity and we must donate generously for the promotion of education so that poverty could be eliminated from the country. He told that IRIT has also established its own college and university in Karachi which will equip our youth with religious and traditional education simultaneously.

President FCCI Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla appreciated the efforts of SF and IRIT and said that these institutions are marvelous and are contributing their role in making youth productive while sticking to their religious norms. He urged upon the members of FCCI to support by donation or adopting one or two children according to their capacity and willingness.

Professor Masood of SF briefly introduced the system of two years matriculation program and told that it is very unique in Pakistan it is his brainchild and at present 8 centers are offering this program where students above the age of 15 years are enrolled and up till now approximately 10,000 students have completed their studies up to the matriculation level through this system. He told that last year a large number of students appeared in Matriculation exam conducted by Faisalabad Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education and their pass percentage was 96%. He told that maximum 40 students are enrolled in a centre where two teachers are hired to educate them in all subjects. “There are total 16 teachers in Faisalabad with a dominating majority of female teachers”, he told, adding that most of them have to move from one to another centre and in this connection they are facing practical difficulties. He thanked Mian Muhammad Idrees who has resolved their problem by donating this Suzuki van.

Professor Masood told that SF has also established schools for the students of SOS and Anjuman Islamiya, adding that SF is providing free uniform, books and admission fee in addition to a monthly stipend of Rs. 500. He further told that during last year of education,  these students are also offered training in different vocational trades so that they could start their own businesses after completed matriculation.

Mr. Abdul Hameed Niazim IRIT told that this trust is managing 200 branches across the country where children after completing their Montessori learn to recite Holy Quran by heart. Later they are offered education up to matriculation so that they could equip them with religious as well as traditional education. He told that “Ulma Courses” are also been offered as optional subject. Mr. Abdul Hameed told that there are 10 branches of IRIT which have so far produced 800 “Hifz -ul- Quran” while another 1400 are enrolled. He told that a 7 year old girl had learned Quran by heart within 8 months yet another girl completed her course in 115 days and she got first position in international Hifz-e-Quran competition. He told that this girl has also been offered special package to perform Umrah along with her parents. He further told that in Pakistan 6,000 children are ready to offer exam of Hifz-Ul Quran to be conducted by Wafaq-ul-Madarris.

A question answer session was also held in which Former President Engineer Rizwan Ashraf and other participants raised informative questions.

Later SVP Farooq Yusuf offered vote of thanks while president FCCI Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla along with Mian Muhammad Idrees handed over keys and documents of Suzuki vans to the management of SF and IRIT.

CAPTION: FAISALABAD. President FCCI Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla along with Mian Muhammad Idrees is handing over keys and documents of Suzuki vans to the management of System Foundation and Iqra-Roza-tul-Itfal Trust.

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