English Press Release Prime Minister Of Pakistan 20.12.2017

FAISALABAD. Industrialization has gained momentum and will usher into a new era of progress and prosperity as government has successfully reigned in the most ticklish problem of energy shortage in the country, said Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Addressing members of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) immediately after performing the ground breaking ceremony of car assembly plant of the Hundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited in M-3 Industrial Estate near here today, he said that government has fulfilled its commitment to overcome the shortage of electricity and gas and now its focus was on to trim the cost of doing business particularly for the industrial sector. Under lining the importance of industrialization, he said that it is imperative to spur indusrial and economical activities and private sector has to play its role for the establishment of new industrial units as government has ensured continuous supply of gas and electricity. “We are now concentrating to make energy affordable for our industry as its cost has been increased due to the ill conceived policies of the previous governments”, he said and added that government will facilitate the private sector by providing them best possible infrastructure in the shape of state of the art industrial estates and motorways etc.

Regarding construction of new civil airport, PM said that he will talk to Punjab Government to allocated land for the airport. He further said that industrialists should undertake this project as commercial venture. He said that EXPO center should also be completed as a commercially viable project.

He said CM Punjab has done excellent work for the uplift and development of this province. He said that other provinces should follow him.

Regarding Taxation, he said that government is trying to introduce a tax friendly culture in the FBR in addition to making tax procedures simple and easy.

He said that Pakistan has huge export potential but we have been restricted to only $ 20 billion. He said that we must make collaborative efforts to increase our exports to $50-60 billion per annum.

Commenting on the increased trade deficit, he said that it was due to the import of power and industrial machinery amounting to $8.5 Billion.

Regarding Regulatory Duty, he said that Federal Minister for Commerce & Textile is reviewing it. However, we have to discourage import of unnecessary and luxury items.

Accepting the invitation of President Shabbir Hussain Chawla, he requested him to extend him a formal invitation so that he could visit a sizeable gathering of business community and interact with them for the resolution of their genuine problems.

PM said that the Government is also focusing on the development of SME sector. In this connection a strategy is being evolved to re-organize the power loom sector on modern scientific lines. He asked President FCCI to pinpoint their problems along with viable solutions to enable the Government to resolve these issues without unnecessary delay.

He said that next General Elections will be held in July 2018 and it is the people who will have to select their next Government as they have to bear the next elected Government for the full term of five years. “Hence they should cast their vote with futuristic vision”, he added.

Earlier in his address of welcome Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) said that GDP growth rate of Faisalabad is expected to jump to 5.7% within next few years which will be higher than the growth rate of Karachi and Lahore.

He said that share of Faisalabad in total national textile exports is 55% while it is around 28% in term of overall exports. Similarly the textile sector is also contributing 38% share in provision of jobs to the workforce in Pakistan.

He said that Faisalabad stands second in revenue generation but despite of its contributions, it was not getting its due share from the Federal and Provincial pool. However, he appreciated the efforts of Chief Minister Punjab and said that he has successfully developed infrastructure which plays a major role in the overall development of the country.

He also demanded immediate construction of a dedicated civilian air port, and expo center to hold international level exhibitions.

Later, FCCI momentum was presented to the Prime Minister by President FCCI Shabbir Hussain Chawla.  Mian Muhammad Adrees, former President FPCCI, Mian Muhammad Latif, Mian Javed Iqbal, Farooq Yousaf SVP, Usman Rauf VP, Sh. Abdul Qayyum, Muzammal Sultan, Engr. Rizwan Ashraf, Engr. Ihtisham Javed, Mian Gulzar Ahmad, Syed Khalid Mehmood Shah, Haleem Akhtar, Ch. Muhammad Nawaz, Syed Zia Alamdar Hussain, Rana Waqar Ahmad and others were also present during this meeting.CAPTION:Pic No (DSC_0099.JPG)

FAISALABAD. President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla is presenting a memento to Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

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