English Press Release 28.11.2019

FAISALABAD: Historical Babri Masque of Ayodhya India may be included in the world heritage sites because of its unique architectural values and fearing its extinction, demanded Mr. Zafar Iqbal Sarwar Acting President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

In a letter addressed to United Nations Secretary General Mr. António Guterres and Director General United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNICEF) Ms. Audrey Azoulay, he said that this historical Mosque is a rare piece of architects belonging to 18th century. This mosque was built in 1528 AD in the name of Mughal Empire Babur. It has distinguished features of Tughlaq dynasty. The traditional arches and pulpit along with minarets have been given a special blend of Indian and Tughlaq architectural values. He said that this historic building is unnecessarily made disputed and may face distinctions if United Nations failed to take immediate measures to preserve it for coming generations. He said that this site should not be evaluated in its fast changing political background but it should be taken as a cultural heritage of 18th century. He further told that many such buildings in Pakistan, Italy and other countries have already been included in the world heritage sites and because of the importance of Babri Mosque, it may also be included into world heritage site. He also demanded of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs government of Pakistan to take up this issue with UNO instead of keeping mum so that this historic and cultural heritage could be preserved for the coming generations.

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