English Press Release 19.12.2017

FAISALABAD. Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) is certifying standards of as many as 109 products including 38 food and 81 non-food items in Pakistan, said Director General PSQCA Muhammad Khalid Siddque.

During his visit to Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI), he had a meeting with Senior Vice President Sheikh Farooq Yousaf and discussed with him various issues of mutual interests.

He told that the world has become a global village while international trade is his lifeline. He said that the products must have well defined standards for the marketing of various products. He told that different countries have different standards but they have to either adopt universally acknowledged standards or harmonize their standards to continue trade between different countries having different standards of the same product.

He said that there are millions of standards of different items but Pakistan has adopted around 22390 standards of different products. Out of these Pakistan has developed its own standards of only 6000 products while remaining have been adopted in their original form.

Responding to a question Mr. Khalid Siddque told that list of mandatory certification continue to change in according to the prevailing circumstances. The updating of this list is a continuous process and currently the new list is in its final stage.

He told that PSQCA has done extensive working on bottled water, tea whitener, skin creams and shampoos etc. Similarly out of total 25 brand of milk, 22 have got licenses from PSQCA; one case is under process while 2 cases are under litigation.

Responding to the standards of various items, he said that most of the local manufacturers as well as importers are unaware of these standards. He said that PSQCA has chalked out a two pronged strategy. In first phase, awareness sessions about the standard of various products would be arranged in different chambers including FCCI while in second phase checking of these products will be started on the spot. It will encourage the manufacturing as well as import of only quality products.

He said that the objective of this campaign is not to harm anybody but to encourage consumer friendly culture in the country.

He told that PSQCA is mailing the standards of the various products to almost 11 thousand stakeholders on daily basis including the manufacturers, exporters and importers from Faisalabad.

 Continuing, the Director General said that PSQCA is working with Edible Oil Association to prepare a new and comprehensive policy which will be implementing very soon.

He told that PSQCA has also introduced an apps one mobile phone through which people could download and confirm the list of licensed products.

He further told that the Authority had issued 465 new licenses during last year. However, in first six months of current year, another 150 licenses have also been issues.  “PSQCA is also taking measures to speed up the issuance of new incenses on emergency bases”, he added.

About the duplication of Punjab Food Authority and PSQCA, he said that this issue will be resolved very soon in consultation with the concerned department. Director General clarified that PSQCA can only check the licensed and packed products where as Punjab Food Authority has mandate to check the loose products also. However, he quoted a universal law that in such cases, the Federal law supersedes the provincial laws.

He told that during the enforcement stage, qualified staff will be deputed to check the products preferably at the manufacturing stage. However imported and unlicensed products could also be removed from major stores and outlets, he added.

Senior Vice President Sheikh Farooq Yousaf thanked Director General PSQCA and requested him to send him a letter with tentative dates of awareness sessions so that it could be conformed according to the availability of President FCCI.

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