English Press Release 15.12.2017

FAISALABAD. The FCCI (Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry)-E-Police Station will be made functional very soon to resolve the police and traffic related problems of the business community within their own premises, said DSP Traffic Madam Sajjida Awan.

Addressing a “Traffic Awareness Session”, here today, she said that earlier the general perception was that Traffic police was only restricted to the enforcement of Traffic Laws. However, in the present age, traffic awareness is considered more important than its enforcement and hence, a dedicated traffic education wing has been created for the education, guidance and sensitization of the all road-users. She said that traffic police is exploiting all available resources of print, electronics and social media to ensure smooth traffic flow on the city roads. She said that Faisalabad is one of the third biggest and most thriving cities of Pakistan. The number of vehicles and motorcycles are increasing at much faster pace in this city as compare to the other cities. She said that realizing the future needs of people the existing roads have been widened to accommodate huge influx of vehicles traffic. However, the encroachments and lack of parking plazas has multiplied our problems. She hoped that the traffic problem would start decreasing with the removed of encroachments and construction of new parking plazas in various congested parts of the city.

Earlier, in his address of welcome Senior Vice President Sheikh Farooq Yusuf underlined the importance of traffic police in regulating traffic flow on main road arteries. He said that traffic wardens are performing their duties most efficiently but we must have to switch over to the electrical signals. He said that most of the signals are out of order which creates traffic mass in the important and busy road- crossings. He said that there should be a well defined system for the immediate repair of the faulty traffic signals ob permanent basis. He also stressed the need to deploy additional force to regulate vehicular traffic during rush school timings. He pointed out that on Muhrram and other religious events various roads are suddenly blocked. He said that traffic police must inform general public well in time so that they could avoid coming on the blocked roads. He mentioned that FCCI and Police are enjoying good relations and E-Police station is an example of our mutual cooperation. This station was providing 25 different Police related services to the Business Community in addition to issuing learners permit but suddenly this facility was withdrawn. He hoped that this E-Police station will be reactivated very soon. He also mentioned that service road along canal road is being constructed because the Kashmir Bridge has become problematic. He proposed a signal free passage on both sides of this bridge to regulated traffic and until the construction of underpass at this point.

Mr. Abid Masood Secretary General FCCI, Mr. Sajjad Anwar, Mr. Shahid Latif ,Mr. Gulzar Ahmad, Mr. Sana ullah Niazi and Muhammad Nafees participated in question answers session while Mr. Waqas Ali in charge Education Unit of the traffic police and Mr. Ismail PRO  gave a detailed presentation on traffic regulation in City. They also responded to the various questions and queries.

 Later Vice President Mr. Usman Rauf offered vote of thanks while Senior Vice President Sheikh Farooq Yusuf presented FCCI shield to DSP Sajjida Awan.

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