English Press Release 11.02.2018

FAISALABAD. Parrot is one of most popular local species of bird which is facing serious threat of extinction due to fast diminishing urban plantation and unrestricted netting, poaching and hunting of this indigenous bird variety, said Mr. Habib Ajmal, Chairman FCCI (Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry) Standing Committee on Wild Life Conservation and Fishing Promotion.

Addressing the second meeting of this committee here today, he told that breading season of different birds starts from February 28 to August 30 and during this period legal as well as illegal hunting and sale & purchase of parrot and all other birds should be checked to save the wild life from extinction. He requested president FCCI Mr. Shabbir Hussain Chawla to invite Director General, Director and other concerned officials of the wild life department to visit FCCI and brief its members about the measures taken to preserve wildlife in this city bursting with industrial and economic activities.

He was also critical of the illegal poaching of migratory birds through nets and said that this trend should also be discouraged by launching a comprehensive awareness campaign.

Syed Maratab Ali Shah requested members of this committee to set example by feeding birds in addition to providing them water at their roof tops. “They should also encourage other people to do the same as it is tantamount to “Sadqa” in our religion”, he added.

 Chaudhry Talat Mehmood said that real issue is the merciless chopping of trees for the expansion of Urban Areas which deprives birds from their natural habitat and shelter. He said that government must allocate open spaces especially around urban areas where birds could live in peace in their natural environment. “These plantations would also provide breathing space to the concrete jungle snorting and increasing at a much faster pace inside its radius”, he added.

Chairman Committee told that a comprehensive campaign should also be launched to save the endangered species of birds by exploiting all available means of communication.

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