English Press Release 09.01.2020

FAISALABAD. The real philosophy of Hajj-e-Baitullah is to sacrifice and the Muslim performing Hajj must inculcate the true spirit of Hajj in their practical life, dealings and it should also be well reflected in their working environment, said Mian Muhammad Javaid Iqbal Former President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI).

He was addressing the Hajj balloting to pick two staff members of the FCCI who will perform Hajj-2020 during this year. President Rana Sikandar-e-Azam, Hajji Gulzar Ahmed, Muhammad Amin and other members also attended this function in addition to the FCCI Staff.

Mian Javaid Iqbal said that Hajj is only restricted to those Muslims who are being chosen by Allah Almighty. “As most of us get this unique chance only once in their life hence, they must make conscious efforts to harvest its maximum spiritual, social and moral benefits”, he opined. Continuing, he said that sacrifice is not only restricted to the animals but it also equally apply on our ego, rights and even other related affairs. “There must be a visible and positive change in the mindset and lifestyle of people who perform Hajj”, he said and added that they must be ready to sacrifice their personal ego and interests for the sake of others.

Congratulating the successful staff members, he hoped that they must act as ambassador of Pakistan during their stay in Holy lands which will certainly bring good name for their country as well as for the FCCI. He also appreciated the efforts of Secretary General FCCI Mr. Abid Masood for running the affairs of this organization in most professional and corporate manners. He was also appreciative of elected office bearers of FCCI who are devoting their precious time and energies for the betterment of business community of this city.

Earlier Rana Sikandar-e-Azam told that staff members with 7 years of services have been selected for Hajj balloting. “Two staff members would be picked today to perform Hajj this year”, he told and added that FCCI will bear the expenses of one while Executive Committee will share the expense of the second one. Rana Sikandar Azam further told that elected President usually hold staff meeting immediately after assuming the charge of his office. “This meeting could not be held however, after a lapse of three months, he offer himself for accountability”, he said and asked FCCI staff to pinpoint their problems so that he could resolve them on priority basis. He said that he found staff very cooperative and he has no complaints with any staff member whatsoever.

Secretary General Mr. Abid Masood thanked Mian Javaid Iqbal and Rana Sikandar-e-Azam and told that he has privilege to work with around 19 presidents and he had learned from all of them. He told that he is trying to run this organization as a team leader which has given it a unique distinction as a premier chamber of the country. “The business community of Faisalabad is also getting benefits of its repute at the national and global level”, he added.

Later, Mian Javaid Iqbal announced the names of the successful staff members including Shahzad Khurram Account Officer and Dispatcher Khalid Hameed who will perform Hajj this year at the expense of Chamber.

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